“After an initial meeting with Laura Harding, our son determined for himself that he wanted to study at Harding Music Studios. Laura identified our son’s learning style and figured out how to both encourage him and hold him accountable for his own learning. She respected him as an individual and earned (and maintained) his respect, too.

By taking lessons at Harding Music Studios, our son grew tremendously in technique, theory, and expression. He thrived on the individual attention and expert instruction provided by Ms. Harding.”

Parent of High School Student

“Our son’s anxiety over piano has been reduced almost completely since we have started coming to Harding Music Studios, and his enjoyment increased 100%!”

Parent of Elementary Student

“We have had three of our children take lessons from Ms. Harding for several years. The older two are in college currently and our daughter has been with Ms. Harding since 2004. She has learned so much. She loves to play piano and Ms. Harding has given her great direction and instructions. Ms. Harding keeps our daughter on track to reach set goals. She has gained confidence in her ability and just loves playing.”

Parent of high school student

“Laura is an excellent piano teacher. She loves music, loves her job and is very professional, patient and caring in her attitude towards her students. Laura’s degrees and certifications are an added bonus.

Our son has been taking piano lessons from Harding Music Studios for almost 4 years. Laura teaches at a pace suitable for our son and gradually challenges him to be a better piano player. Laura’s teaching style as well as the many recitals and the preparation for the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory The Achievement Program™ has benefited our son. Thanks to Laura, our son has excelled and loves playing piano. Being a part of Harding Music Studios and the one-on-one lessons has benefited our child. He loves the professional and the caring style of Harding Music Studios. I would highly recommend Harding Music Studios and Laura as a piano teacher.”

Parent of middle school student

“My girls looked forward to spending class time with Ms. Harding – she provided a source of encouragement and praise for their musical accomplishments. They thoroughly enjoyed the curriculum and always loved performing at their recitals. I felt their participation in the APPI Festival was a fabulous experience!”

Parent of two young students

“Mrs. Harding is very organized and provides lots of fun learning opportunities for her students. She provides comprehensive lessons in the study of piano. Piano lessons are exercise for the brain!”

Parent of two piano students ages 7 and 11 years

“Mrs. Harding did a great job teaching my son the basic skills of piano playing and motivating him to be creative in his practice. As you know, practicing can become difficult for energetic young boys, but Mrs. Harding would let my son play the music in several different ways so that he had fun practicing and didn’t lose interest. Every lesson was an enjoyable experience because of her creative teaching method and carefully designed games to keep the kids’ attention on music!

Mrs. Harding’s teaching style fits my son’s personality very well. She is always very patient, always has a smiling face, and encourages the kids in a very positive way. My son enjoyed the learning experience and had fun while learning music at the same time.”

Parent of young student

“Laura Harding is a fantastic piano instructor – and a terrific “music mentor” for our boys. Not only are they learning to play piano, (in a way that keeps them motivated) but Laura is also constantly sparking their appreciation for music in general. They love going to their lesson each week, which is a blessing!”

Parent of two young students

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